Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Challenge of Elections

I've already voted, so in a way this post is unnecessary.

It's difficult to vote, and harder not to. I believe, on the one hand, that Hashem (G-d) is the one who runs everything. On the other hand, I believe we MUST make our own efforts and thereby show Hashem that we are doing our best to live His will.

In previous elections I've voted ideologically. You feel good when you walk out of the voting booth, but down the road when the party you vote for is too small to really make a difference (if it gets in at all) you have to wonder - did I do the right thing?

In this election, I chose to let practicality support my ideology. I believe that to merit this land, we have to do G-d's will and our leaders have to be G-d fearing. But given leaders who are NOT G-d-fearing, what's an ideolog to do? In this case, I chose to support the Likud. Please understand me, I do not support Binyamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister. Finance Minister? Ideal. Foreign minister? Just fine. I am not easy with having this man holding the reins. But I am horrified at the idea of Livni, Barak, or G-d-forbid Leiberman running the country.

The Likud is not just Netanyahu. It is Gilad Erdan, Gidon Saar, Benny Begin and a host of others whom I believe truly care about this nation and its people, and are at least warm to the idea of G-d running things. Sharansky supports the Likud, and that means something to me (though Sharansky and I disagree on a number of issues as well).

So I voted Likud, but I have a sick feeling that I'm going to regret it. I voted Likud, but I'm worried that not enough people like me DID vote Likud. I'm afraid that Livni is going to make the next government. Livni, who is anti-women (look at her voting record on women's issues), who is indecisive and shallow. Where will she lead us? To more war, undoubtedly. We know what happens when we give up strategic territory.

I feel like no matter who wins, Am Yisrael is going to lose.

I voted Likud, and I convinced others to vote Likud. G-d help us.


westbankmama said...

I also voted Likud, and tried to convince others to do so. I am very angry that not enough of us did, though, and Tzipi may lead the government.

Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach said...

Don't be angry! Doesn't help anyone. Daven that Peres won't tap Tzipi. Daven that the votes of the chayalim will change the results (a real possibility). Daven that you have the strength to accept that we don't run the world, Hashem does, and whatever His plan is, that's what going to happen.