Monday, October 27, 2008

Challenge of Relevance: An Official Blog from the State of Israel

Remember the JBlogger Convention?

One of the speakers at the convention was a representative of Israeli's foreign ministry. She spoke about the "branding" of Israel.

So I wasn't surprised when Google Reader threw out a recommendation to this new blog:

The blog highlights "normal" Israel from a cultural point of view, focusing on events both inside and outside the country.

Whoever is doing it is pretty good. It's easy to read, lots of nice photos, and nothing at all controversial. But who is reading it?

I wonder if this is the Israel that I want people to know and love...

Comments, anyone?


Lisa said...

How is the Israel in that blog any different than any other country in the world? If that's all we are, what's the point?

Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach said...

Ah ha! Thank you for putting into words why that blog was bothering me!

As usual, you express yourself well.

IsRealli said...

Thanks so much for your thoughts on our blog. In general, we try to direct the posts at people who know little to nothing about Israel and who don't identify with us at all. We would be happy to hear about ways in which you think we could address those topics that make our country special and unique. You can contact us through the blog or at isrealliblog at gmail dot com.

RivkA with a capital A said...

There is almost nothing JEWISH on that site!

Only Jews would make a site about Israel, and ignore all things Jewish and Holy.

Christians (and many other non-Jews) respect Jewish tradition, and value the Bible. Most of the "Western World," especially the English speakers, are Christian.

Moreover, are we trying to portray Israel as being "normal" or being "special?"

If there is nothing special about Israel, then why should anyone care about it?

If there is nothing Jewish about Israel, then why not share it with the Arabs?

Non-Jews respect the ethnicity of others. We should be proud of our ethnic heritage and not try to hide it!

I did a quick search for "Jewish," "Judaism," "Bible," and "Succot" (also "Sukkot").

See for yourself. No serious content.

Judaism and TORAH are what make Israel unique!