Monday, March 26, 2007

Other people's blogs

OK, as more and more of my friends have blogs, I am challenged to post here more often. Now another friend started a blog:

On the one hand, she's got what seems to be a "normal" challenge in this country. How many mother's sons go to the army. (I wonder what the answer is, and I wonder how many of THEM are in combat units.) On the other hand, her will be in a combat unit. Maybe not a marine ("in harm's way") or something that front line, but combat none the less. So getting through every day is undoubtedly its own, special challenge.

I can only daven for her and all the other mothers out there, and their sons ...

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Lady-Light said...

I hope you get your comments by email, otherwise you might not see this. I discovered your blog through a comment you made on Jameel's.
I too am a mother of 5, 4 of whom either made aliyah or are going to college in Israel, i.e., they are living there. My youngest, a ba'alat teshuva, chose to serve in the IDF instead of sherut le'umi. My two sons served in the army after they made aliyah in 2003. I can relate. On the other hand, I am very proud of them. Please read my post to understand.