Monday, January 15, 2007

More school/system challenges

But I'm positive. I'm feeling positive. At least we have some direction. We know who to ask. I'd like to see a website that concentrates in one place all the different things that the system gives, and when. Like, when do you get "hora'a metakenet" and when a kita mikademet and when a kitat tikshorat and when do you have to go to special ed. And what tax breaks can you get and when, and how do you get money from bituach leumi and for what? Does this mean I should take responsibility for finding and posting all this information? I hope not! There are other people out there who are already well on their way to having this information. :)
The good news is that we have sat with representatives of Pa'amonim and we are not in as bad shape as we thought. We are working on closing the gap, and it's also a big challenge, but to make more money might be the solution and might be attainable.
A little over two weeks ago I cut off a tiny piece of my finger while chopping vegetables. Would that all our challenges would be so easy to meet! I ended up at Terem (immediate care) and they put glue on it to stop the bleeding. I also got a tetanus shot and four days off work. Baruch Hashem!


Me said...

you wrote:
I'd like to see a website that concentrates in one place all the different things that the system gives, and when.

Hi Honey,

The problem/answer is that life (especially in Israel) is not a technical document. Just because it's written somewhere, or someone else got it, doesn't mean you will get it.

Case in point: a friend of mine's son is in mechina, and wants to switch to hesder. He's been told that 20% of requesters get that request. How are you gonna fight that?

Another favorite Israelism of mine: the ATM that shows: This machine off duty. Please come back in 5 minutes.

But don't worry: you're connected to people who have friends in hight places! :-)


Your Secret Admirer

Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach said...

Secret Admirer: The point is, you have to know what to ask for first. Then you fight to get it. I also have a friend trying to get her son out of mechina and (back) into hesder. They say his chances are almost nil - they never let you back into hesder. But who knows? In this country if you scream the loudest, you often get things. If you bang on enough doors, people give in to get you off their backs. My husband got someone's draft delayed the DAY BEFORE he was supposed to go in. He simply bugged enough people. Ya never know until you try. But thanks anyway for the positive vibes, yeah?