Sunday, August 27, 2006

My First Rejection Letter!

Hurray! Ein simcha kehatarat hasfaykot. There is no happiness like the resolution of doubt. did not want my slightly revised version of We Can't Go Back Down, but they suggested I submit it to Torah.Org. I wrote to them now to ask for their submission criteria.

On the family front, I see that it is still very hard for Elisheva, but she does take herself in hand and try again. This is a big improvement! I'm nervous about the start of the school year for her and for Chayim Zvi. But we are pray and working to help them have a successful year.

Akiva's school has been delayed for a week. The temporary quarters aren't ready yet. :) Or as my lawyer says (his context was law, but it's true for so many things): There is nothing so permanent as something temporary.

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